Security of your website

You just can’t ignore the importance of SSL Certificates anymore. We hear of phishing and fraud incidents every day. It is increasingly important to secure your site with SSL. DigiState is very knowledgeable when it comes to SSL, we can apply for and implement your SSL certificate in your website. Please contact us for more information.

Nowadays, Google makes no distinction between regular websites and websites that have an SSL certificate. Both SSL and non-SSL websites are indexed by Google. SEO can therefore no longer be a excuse for not using SSL Certificates.

The advantages of SSL certificates:

  • The padlock icon in the address bar
  • Safe data traffic
  • More trustworthy towards your visitors
  • Higher revenue

Improved security with Extended Validation

Have you noticed that this website has a green address bar and shows the name of DigiState? This is called an SSL certificate with Extended Validation. This type of SSL certificate guarantees your visitors that they are visiting a highly secure website. It ensures that the website is you (the name of the organization in the green bar) and that all information (including personal information) is sent over a secure connection to the web server.

ssl certificates


When applying for an Extended Validation, the applier of the certificate must prove that they have the exclusive right to the domain name. This provides a lot of guarantees, especially for your webshop. Just take a look at successful webshops or websites of banks. They all use Extended Validation.

Please contact us for more advice on the use of SSL.