High Quality Datacenter locations

DigiState offers high quality solutions. We only do business with the best Datacenter locations. We choose our datacenters very accurate. In this process we always look at security, Data privacy and stabillity of the Datacenter. Also ISO certifications are very important.We measure and test our datacentres yearly. We always check weather our locations are still the best for us and our customers.

Eastern & Western Europe

Besides several Datacenter locations in The Netherlands (Western Europe), DigiState also has locations in Eastern Europe. With these locations we offer our customers an extra backup location outside of The Netherlands and above sealevel. These location can be of benefit when there is a need for doing business with Eastern European countries and Russia.

Data Insurance

DigiState guearantees thet the data stays in the Datacenter of your choice. With DigiState you always know where our data is. We can also guarantee dat your data does not leave the European Unions. With our locations in The Netherlands and in Eastern Europe, we can always guarantee a safe backup of your sensitive data in our Datacenter in Eastern Europe.

DigiState data center locations map

West Europa

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Databarn Amsterdam B.V.
Zekeringstraat 35
1014BV Amsterdam

ISO 27001 Certified

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gyrocenter DC-2
Gyroscoopweg 134-140
1042 AZ Amsterdam

ISO 27001 Certified

Oost Europa

Vilnius, Lithuania
Data Logistics Centre / Data INN
A. Juozapavičius str. 13,
09311 Vilnius, Lithuania

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 Certified